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Futures:   NMCE 31/08/2014: CHANA-SEP2014 @2846.00     GUARGUM-DEC2014 @16500.00    
Spot:   NMCE 31/08/2014: ALUMINIUM-MUMBAI@110.35     ALUMINIUM 5 TON-NMCE@109.00     CARDAMOM-VANDANMEDU-6MM@810.00     CARDAMOM-VANDANMEDU@929.00     CARDAMOM-NMCE@929.50     CASTOR SEED 10 MT-AHMEDABAD@4150.00     CASTOR SEED 10 MT-NMCE@4150.00     COFFEE ARABICA-BANGLORE@11500.00     COFFEE REP BULK-NMCE@14226.00     COFFEE REP BULK-BANGLORE@14225.00     COPPER-NMCE@437.50     COPRA-NMCE@11150.00     CUMINSEED-UNJHA@13050.00     DESI CHANA-NMCE@2866.00     DESI CHANA-DELHI@2866.00     GOLD-NMCE@30422.00     GOLD GUINEA-NMCE@19709.00     GUARGUM-JODHPUR@16000.00     GUARGUM-NMCE@15800.00     GUARSEED-NMCE@5717.00     GUARSEED-BIKANER@6600.00     GUARSEED-DISA@6375.00     GUARSEED-JODHPUR@5717.00     GUARSEED 10 MT-JODHPUR@5117.00     ISABGULSEED-NMCE@11175.00     KALYAN KAPAS V-797-NA@533.00     KILOGOLD-COCHIN@30401.00     LEAD-NMCE@138.10     MENTHA OIL-NA@888.00     MENTHOL CRYSTAL-NA@1010.00     NICKEL-NMCE@868.50     PEPPER-NMCE@72600.00     PEPPER-COCHIN@72600.00     RAPE/MUSTARD SEED-NMCE@675.00     RAW JUTE-KOLKATTA@2764.00     RAW JUTE-NMCE@2805.40     RUBBER-NMCE@12840.00     RUBBER-KOTTAYAM@12840.00     RUBBER MINI-KOTTAYAM@12840.00     RUBBER MINI-NMCE@12840.00     SACKING-KOLKATTA@3168.00     SACKING-NMCE@3168.75     SILVER-AHMEDABAD@48476.00     SOYOIL 10 MT-NMCE@624.50     TIN-MUMBAI@1433.25     TURMERIC-Erode@5475.00     ZINC-NMCE@130.00    
Live Market Picture
The text color of the Series Name indicate the Price Trend as compared to the Last Close Price.
Green : The Last Trade Price has increased as compared to the Last Close Price.
Red : The Last Trade Price has decreased as compared to the Last Close Price.
Blue : The Last Trade Price has remained same as compared to the Last Close Price.
* The change in the box color indicates the change in the Price/Quantity.
Green : Indicates the Price/Quantity has increased.
Red : Indicates the Price/Quantity has decreased.
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